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Our demi fine bracelet collection features everyday chains, pendant and charm bracelets and luxe Tennis Bracelets to layer and adorn your wrists with sparkle. Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver and 18 Carat Gold.

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Figaro Chain Bracelet GoldFigaro Chain Bracelet Gold
Figaro Chain Bracelet SilverFigaro Chain Bracelet Silver
Infinity Bracelet GoldInfinity Bracelet Gold
Infinity Bracelet Gold Sale price$46.28
Infinity Bracelet SilverInfinity Bracelet Silver
Love Bracelet - GoldLove Bracelet - Gold
Love Bracelet - SilverLove Bracelet - Silver
Love Knot Bracelet GoldLove Knot Bracelet Gold
Love Knot Bracelet SilverLove Knot Bracelet Silver
Love Knot Bracelet Silver Sale price$46.28
North Star Bracelet GoldNorth Star Bracelet Gold
North Star Bracelet SilverNorth Star Bracelet Silver
Puffed Heart Bracelet - GoldPuffed Heart Bracelet - Gold
Puffed Heart Bracelet - SilverPuffed Heart Bracelet - Silver
Rope Chain Bracelet GoldRope Chain Bracelet Gold
Rope Chain Bracelet SilverRope Chain Bracelet Silver
Satellite Bobble Chain Bracelet GoldSatellite Bobble Chain Bracelet Gold
Satellite Bobble Chain Bracelet SilverSatellite Bobble Chain Bracelet Silver
Tennis Chain Bracelet GoldTennis Chain Bracelet Gold
Tennis Chain Bracelet SilverTennis Chain Bracelet Silver
Wishbone Bracelet GoldWishbone Bracelet Gold
Wishbone Bracelet SilverWishbone Bracelet Silver