How To Fit Your Ear Cuff

A Cartilage Cartel Ear Cuff will make the perfect addition to your CC ear stack. Our cuffs also look great worn alone to create the illusion of a conch or orbital piercing.  Some of our smaller cuffs such as our Dual Cuff, can be worn further up the ear on the helix to create the double helix piercing look!


Fitting a Cartilage Cartel ear cuff is very easy and completely pain free. Just follow the simple steps below!

1. Find the thinnest part of cartilage on your ear and stretch it until it becomes flat. Slide on the ear cuff and position. Please note, whilst sterling silver is slightly flexible, we do not recommend you bend our sparkle cuffs as they are extremely delicate. The opening of our cuffs should fit on to all ears!

2. Position your ear cuff where you would like to sit and then give it a gentle tug to ensure it is safely in place. An ear cuff should not be able to be pulled off. 

3. Time to start layering! Add more ear cuffs or shop our range of huggies, hoop drops and studs to create your dream ear stack. 

If you have any questions or need help fitting your ear cuff, please send us a message here.