Piercing Locations Explained

Our handy Piercing Placement Guide makes picking the right jewellery for your piercing simple!  Our collection of cartilage studs, hoops, clickers and huggies are all made with high grade quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

We have also included top tips, healing times and pain levels of piercings incase you are considering adding a new piercing to your ear stack.

Our pain level indicator is based on our teams individual experiences and results from our customer poll. Usually the thicker the cartilage, the more uncomfortable - but always worth it!

Everyones individual anatomy makes healing times vary slightly. Remember to always consult your piercer for the best aftercare advice.

Suitable Earrings: Huggies, Hoops, Studs.

Healing Time: 2-3 Months 

Piercing Pain Level: 1/10

Top Tip: A classic piercing location with fast healing time and array of styling options. The lobe is one of the most popular piercings for a reason! We love a stacked lobe combining two or three Chunky Huggie Hoops. If you are working with just the one lobe piercing, our Double Huggie Stud creates the illusion of a double lobe piercing.


Suitable Earrings: Barbell and labret flatback studs. Clickers and hoops.

Healing Time: 6-12 Months

Piercing Pain Level: 3/10

Top Tip: Helix piercings are popular due to the various types of earring that can be worn in them. It is also very easy to swap and change your earring. Our Stormi Sparkle Studs are a customer favourite for helix piercings. For more of a statement Helix look, try one of our climber studs.


Suitable Earrings: Labret flatback studs, clickers and smaller hoops.

Healing Time: 6-12 Months

Piercing Pain Level: 3/10

Top Tip: The forward helix is a beautiful addition to any ear stack. With the back of the earring being within the cartilage hood, we recommend flatback labret studs as the studs screw on at the front making them easy to fit. We love a dainty hoop in the forward helix and our Star Sparkle is a fan favourite.


Suitable Earrings: Clicker Hoops

Healing Time: 9-12 Months

Piercing Pain Level: 4/10

Top Tip: Customers love a daith piercing for an exotic and adventurous look. Daith piercings also carry health benefits such as reducing migraines and headaches. Our Crystal Clicker is perfect for adding a little sparkle to your Daith.


Suitable Earrings: Hoops and Labret Flatbacks

Healing Time: 6-12 Months

Piercing Pain Level: 5/10

Top Tip: This piercing ranks a 5 on the pain level score but we think it is more of a pressure pain than a stingy pain due to the cartilage being slightly thicker. However, don't let this put you off as this piercing is absolutely beautiful and really versatile. Labrets are easiest to fit in a Tragus Piercing and we recommend our Medium Sparkle Labret Stud for this piercing.


Suitable Earrings: Hoops and Labret Flatbacks

Healing Time: 6-12 Months

Piercing Pain Level: 6/10

Top Tip: The conch piercing ranks a little higher in the pain ranking but this is more of an uncomfortable pain than a stingy pain. You may feel a slight crunch but it is over quickly. It's our customers most popular piercing. We love an orbital hoop for a conch such as our Sparkle Clicker or a dainty sparkly stud such as our Trio Sparkle Labret.


Suitable Earrings: Hoops and Curved Barbell

Healing Time: 6-12 Months

Piercing Pain Level: 7/10

Top Tip: The rook is a really cool internal cartilage piercing. A little stingy on the pain ranking but over quickly. Hoops work well in the rook and we love our Adorned Hoop to add a little sparkle. We will be launching our Curved Barbells in May!

For more choice on the best earrings for your piercing, you can use our Shop By Piercing Tool which can be found in the menu of our homepage. Please get in touch with the team for any questions or advice by emailing hello@cartilagecartel.com