Silver Ear Stacking Inspiration

Cartilage Cartel was founded to create a one stop destination for all types of curated ear jewellery from fashion forward huggie hoops to dainty barbell studs for cartilage piercings.

We understand that when building on your collection of piercings to achieve your curated ear look - long healing times and shopping around with different brands can lead to limited options when it comes to changing your jewellery resulting in inconsistent metals, unmatching design and compromising on quality.

A lot of cartilage jewellery is made from titanium and can sometimes be quite clunky. Not the pretty feminine style jewellery you see on Pinterest and Instagram. Which is what led us to sourcing beautifully designed Demi fine cartilage jewellery that looks beautiful in the ear and doesn’t break the bank!

Here are some of our favourite ear stacking looks using 925 Sterling Silver earrings for those who prefer silver earrings for everyday wear.