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Valentines Collection

Fall in love with the gorgeous new Valentines Collection from Cartilage Cartel. Featuring this seasons most popular jewellery trend, Puffed Jewellery and Love Letters. All available in 925 Sterling Silver or 18 Carat Gold Plated Sterling Silver.

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Puffed Heart Huggies - GoldPuffed Heart Huggies - Gold
Puffed Heart Huggies - SilverPuffed Heart Huggies - Silver
Puffed Heart Studs - GoldPuffed Heart Studs - Gold
Puffed Heart Studs - Gold Sale price$32.40
Puffed Heart Studs - SilverPuffed Heart Studs - Silver
Puffed Heart Necklace - GoldPuffed Heart Necklace - Gold
Save $25.93Puffed Heart Necklace - SilverPuffed Heart Necklace - Silver
Puffed Heart Necklace - Silver Sale price$25.92 Regular price$51.85
Save $19.44Puffed Heart Bracelet - GoldPuffed Heart Bracelet - Gold
Puffed Heart Bracelet - Gold Sale price$19.44 Regular price$38.88
Save $19.44Puffed Heart Bracelet - SilverPuffed Heart Bracelet - Silver
Puffed Heart Bracelet - Silver Sale price$19.44 Regular price$38.88
Crystal Heart Studs - GoldCrystal Heart Studs - Gold
Crystal Heart Studs - SilverCrystal Heart Studs - Silver
Love Studs - GoldLove Studs - Gold
Love Studs - Gold Sale price$32.40
Love Studs - SilverLove Studs - Silver
Love Studs - Silver Sale price$32.40
Save $25.93Love Necklace - GoldLove Necklace - Gold
Love Necklace - Gold Sale price$25.92 Regular price$51.85
Save $25.93Love Necklace - SilverLove Necklace - Silver
Love Necklace - Silver Sale price$25.92 Regular price$51.85
Love Bracelet - GoldLove Bracelet - Gold
Love Bracelet - Gold Sale price$38.88
Love Bracelet - SilverLove Bracelet - Silver
Love Bracelet - Silver Sale price$38.88
Save $6.48Love Ring - GoldLove Ring - Gold
Love Ring - Gold Sale price$32.40 Regular price$38.88
Save $19.44Love Ring - SilverLove Ring - Silver
Love Ring - Silver Sale price$19.44 Regular price$38.88